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Board and Team

Joint Powers Board

Leon Olson, Theresia Gillie - Kittson County

Andrew Muir, Sam Anderson - Kittson SWCD 

Daryl Wicklund, Levi Novacek - Roseau County

Landon Olson, John Gaukerud - Roseau SWCD

Chair:  Landon Olson

Vice-Chair:  Andrew Muir

Secretary:  Leon Olson

Treasurer: Daryl Wicklund

Steering Team

Dillon Hayes - Kittson County

Jeremy Benson - Kittson SWCD

Justin Muller - Kittson SWCD

Lane Nordin - Kittson County

Ericka Halstensgard - Roseau County

Janine Lovold - Roseau SWCD

Shonda Jelle - Roseau SWCD

Scott Johnson - Roseau SWCD

Matt Fischer- Board of Water and Soil Resources

Henry Van Offelen - Board of Water and Soil Resources

The Steering Team (ST) is comprised of local government staff of the JPB and regional BWSR staff. Local government staff is responsible for logistical and day-to-day tasks of carrying out the implementation process.

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